Theory & Musicianship for Singers

Ages: 8yrs+
Private Lesson Duration: 30m
Group Class Duration: 1hr

All singers deserve to be skilled musicians: able to read their music, learn their songs, and grow as collaborative artists. But as singers, we're often not taught the basic piano, music reading, and ear training skills that organically come with being an instrumentalist. This leaves us underprepared as musicians, lacking in collaborative skills and reliant on recordings to learn our music.

The perfect supplement to voice lessons and those singing in choirs, this series covers the basics of music reading and piano playing, rhythm, sight-stinging, and dictation ear training. Music theory and musicianship are the building blocks of the language of music. Through them, we learn to listen and hear, master our songs, and express ourselves.

Poetry Writing

Ages: 9yrs+
Private Lesson Duration: 30min - 1hr
Group Class Duration: 1hr

Wildwood is thrilled to offer writing to people, writers, singers, and musicians of all ages. We will write, read, discuss, edit, memorize, and learn to perform poetry. Classes nurture an intellectual, experimental, and supportive environment to express ourselves through humor, sincerity, passion — as yourself.

Emphasis is distributed across a wide variety of canonized, contemporary, and experimental poets of various genres, ages, and styles. You may find us spread out on the carpet, writing by the reflecting pool, or performing for one another. When accessible, poetry in translation and foreign language poetry will also be read and written.

For students enrolled in a minimum of 7wks, series also culminates in hand-bound books, guided submissions to poetry publications and Wildwood Poetry Journal, and invitation to perform during Wildwood recitals.

Piano Lessons

Ages: 5yrs+
Duration: 30min, 45min, 1hr

A beautiful, versatile instrument, and the one all musicians learn to play, the piano is a great place to begin an exploration into the language of sound.

Lessons are open to ages 5 to adult, and concurrent music theory lessons are strongly advised from age 5+.

Stories & Storytellers Class

Ages: 9yrs - 17yrs
Duration: 1hr
Cap: 5 singers

Part coaching, part music survey, part language arts class, Stories & Storytellers takes an applied and comprehensive approach to singer development. Series engages singers with the history and practice of an array of musical genres, composers, lyrics, and poetry, drawing connections between disparate times and places.

The Stories & Storytellers series focuses on brief histories of our select composers; the art of storytelling through song and language; and the singer, poet, and composer as storyteller.

Vocal workshops offer singers an opportunity to hone their craft by participating in and observing live coachings. Focus is tailored to each singer, touching on expression, text, and technique, as singers strengthen their performance and collaborative skills.

Students are asked to learn songs from a supplied list for select masterclasses, and should arrive with their sheet music (3 copies/song), a pencil, water, and comfortable clothes.

Classes are grouped by age and experience.

Student Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in vocal lessons at Wildwood or privately.

The Poetry of Song: Poetry Analysis and Application for Singers

Ages: 10yrs+
Private Lesson Duration: 30min
Group Class Duration: 1hr

Join us as we delve into our text and textures on a journey to becoming musicians. The poetry of our songs unlocks deeper comprehension and evocation, and aids vocal technique. Lessons and classes include a thorough discussion of our poetry and lyrics and a practical discourse on diction.

Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in vocal lessons at Wildwood or privately.